The River

If I were to give my heart to a river,
This murmuring one would be the one…
For that matter, I had already given this one,
Many summers and memorable childhood daysImage
This beautiful soul has been an occupant of my heart,
For days on end, without fail now
Every day, my wandering mind travels past
Vast water bodies to reach this little one
The one that follows the many bends in her path
With so much ease and élan
That she fills my heart with joy like none
For this one and I share a bond that goes back a long time,
A really long time…
I have moved on, so have others with whom she has a bond,
But each time, we think about her, we get the same old feeling
Of wanting to take us into her fold, into her flowing waters,
Into her vigorous tidal spirit,
Bathing us with her bubbly, effervescent self,
Effusing us with her deepest sense of joy,
And here, I am, looking at this picture,
Swathed in nostalgia, enwrapped in a longing
To go back in time, just once more…

The void

Another pair of stilettos, golden rimmed this time around
A choice made after hours of leafing pages on the internet,
After strutting in and out of malls, on yet another chic pair,
After impatiently trying out a motley of styles and shades
Winter coats; how many more can make your closet full?
Your closet of desires; its void vexing with every single buy
Every spring a few ghosts grope their way to the dumpster
You would rather not give them for charity, what a bother
But every time you pull them out, one or two, from the closet,
You see skeletons come out, perilous reminders of your past,
Every buy an attempt to cure a fever, one that never breaks in you,
You embrace cures one after the other, trying to break the heat,
You redo your home décor, trying to find solace in the new
But each a reminder of wounds from the past, self-inflicted
You pack your bags in haste, for trips that simply don’t cure,
Stay at the most exotic locales, sun bathe in sought after spots,
Sport pretentious expressions beneath real high-brow cheaters,
Voluminous waves sweep over you, the emptiness only caves in,
Sun bathes you in its warmth, but glaring vacuum is all you feel
Skin enhancements, beauty treatments, name it, you fall for it,
Anything for a fairer skin, for luxurious curls, buxom curves,
A fashionista for the world, but a meek marionette to your whims
But little did you realize that you missed the soul for the body,
The eternal for the material, the metaphysical for the physical.