My changing moods

It was just the other day that I wrote in earnest that snow is mystical
And, look at me today; fretting and fussing over what I had named ‘white magic’
Stepping out on sheets of ice last evening, I feared I would slip and slide
Just when I thought I should caution him, I saw my 9 year old fall
I had written this too; that snow fills my heart with joy that I can’t express,
And that, it makes me introspective and even melancholic at times,
I indeed longed for it, when it wasn’t visiting for days on end,
All the longing seems to have vanished, at least for the moment,
This morning, it rained, melting all the snow and my frustration
Hours of windy rain washed away the white all-encompassing phenomenon
What is left now; lumps of whiteness with specks of dirt and wood,
Deserted on highways, county roads and inside housing complexes,
Pleading to stay on at least till their comrades arrive,
Children of yet another snow storm, they will be here shortly.
My moods change drastically, yet not so drastic as weather does these days!