The elusive quiet

Will the day ever be mine again?

Will the night be mine alone?

When will I be able to embrace the day?

When will I be able to lose myself in the night?


I feel time receding

With it my passion too

For the word; written and spoken

For, when will I get some quiet?


My mind is on an upsurge

I feel creative juices flow

Through my cranial cavities

Nourishing my need for expression


When did I cherish this elusive quiet so much?

I don’t remember being courted by the thought

In such depths as I am now

The calling is intense, but….


Can I shut myself out from this world?

I know I can’t do it even for a day

As I am bound to things mundane

Like a caged bird to it’s cage


Around me, it’s getting beautiful

The buds come up a million a day

Can I step out for a moment?

To enjoy the beauty of quiet