Empty Nests

trees-2013-feb-002“Look at that big tree by the side of the road. See, it has no leaves, no flowers and no buds. But it has bird nests. It has two of them. Look closely; do you sense emptiness in and around the nests? The birds have flown away, and it must have been at least a few weeks, isn’t it? Look how windy it is today, but see, the tree holds dearly onto the nests, even when the wind pulls its brittle branches along. Am sure when it snows, with its thin, wiry branches, it’d try to cover the nests. But to shelter whom; does it even know? To shelter this painful vacuum? The only knowledge the tree has is that it gave the birds a home once upon a time, shielded it from rain and shine, even from the cold autumn winds…and that, today, the birds aren’t there, they have gone far…The tree pointlessly hopes one day, the bird may come back, with its proud flock flapping closely.”

“You talk only from the trees’ point of view? Don’t the birds have their story to tell as well?”

“Tell me, what is their story? Won’t you? Are you one of the birds yourself?”