The Red Berry

Tucked inside a dark crevice

In the roots of an old coconut tree,

Its bark; slippery and slimy,

Home for snails and moss colonies

Fallen leaves rot away

Some float in muddy puddles,

Skeletal remnants of a harsh summer

Wriggly worms, at least a dozen,

Some climb up the tree

Others rest on the compound wall

Some parallel, some perpendicular

Born in to the bosom of the prolific monsoon;

The worms; yellow and black

Stand out like wild blooms in a spring meadow

The compound wall; an eco-system in itself

Rain drops rest on a million moss heads,

Their crowns sparkle though the sun is in hiding

Lady bugs, a handful at least,

Move in and out of the moss patches

Earth worms, thin and many

Slither up in search of a better abode

Up above the thick thickets

Of a plush Loobikka tree

A bee; orange and black buzz around

Down below, a single berry; red and ripe

Catches my eye in earnest

“Pick me up, pick me up”,

Hushed whispers reach up to my ears

It has been a few days since,

The red berry now rests by my window pane

Reminding me of the big wonders in my small backyard