Aside: Dear friends and readers, I am looking for

Dear friends and readers,

I am looking for honest feedback and critiquing here. Please read the below paragraph and tell me how many of you would like to/ would love to read something like this. Please comment on the language, the reactions it evoked in you, the descriptive style and if there is beauty in it. Do you think there is an audience out there who would enjoy an entire book in this style? I thank you in advance for your valuable comments!


A fat, solid, flowering vine stood right in front of the wall that separated the two washrooms. It had climbed onto the crimson tiles that lined the roof. The white and lavender blooms that seemed innumerable formed a heavy canopy on the roof and spotting them there the first time when they were in full bloom; Pearl wondered if under their weight, the roof would collapse. When they flowered generously, plenteous bouquets slid off the roof only to bounce in the air, blocking the entrance to the washrooms partially, but extravagantly. When the summer sun came down harshly upon Paalaruvi, wandering in the backyard, Anna was awe-struck by the beautiful choices that greeted her. It perplexed her whether to cast her eyes down to take in the contrast of the rich, red earth bedecked with white and purple flowers; some of them carried hither thither by the afternoon winds, or to look up to the prolific bunches of pastels against the bright, blue mid summer sky.


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