A few of my rapturous rides


( Image courtesy: bleeding–roses.deviantart.com )

I see peacocks dance right in front of my eyes,

They tease me in quiet; remind me of my inadequacies,

Their feathers; a million kaleidoscopes streaming,

Tell me you are kidding, as am not the one to feel it

Belittlement is not in my scheme of things, ever

So you better tether them together and keep them safe


Shadows numerous. They pace up and down the windows

In silence, they are eloquent, filling me up with sweet things

They are inviting, they are soothing, and they are peaceful

In their vibrancies, I soak in, taking in as much as I can

Mere dancing leaves; but together, their shadows magical

Wait for me, don’t go away my friends, be there in a bit


Mount Sinai beckons. I start my climb up in pious anticipation

Lightning strikes in passionate bursts, thunder trumpets and roars

Smoke and dust whirr and whirl, my heart starts to pound as well,

Heat begins to swell, my face begins to glow, and light shimmers atop

My feet carry me faster, disrupting my notions of faculties my own

In the glowing grandeur, I reach the zenith, and revel in an encounter uncommon


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