Coffee Flowers


This morning, as I was brewing coffee,
With none other than quiet for company,
I went back in time, to a beautiful village
Where coffee flowers bloom aplenty

Mid-mornings, then, I stepped outside,
Just to walk under their canopies
Lush and green, peppered with white blossoms,
Their surreal sight lent me joy unbound

Under the heat of the summer sun,
Some flowers turned half naked;
Their petals fatigued and fallen off the boughs,
Rested in the cupped hands of Earth

My feet tread on petals white,
Rather off white, as they start to wither,
Cushioning my tired feet as I wander,
Under their thickets invigorating

Their fragrance irresistible,
I know not how to describe it,
I feel taken away from my brethren,
Away to my world whimsical

Such times I have lost count,
For the moment the flowers I behold,
I depart my mundane existence in gaiety,
As my soul glides o’er glades and hills

I then dream about the cycle of life;
When flowers make way to fruits green,
Moving on, they embrace a hue of colors bright,
Succulent yellows and fiery reds

The coffee berries celebrate life,
As they bask in glory surreal
Very soon, they get ready to bid good bye
To the tree that gave it life real

As the tree rejoices,
In the joy of a task well done,
The berries bid farewell,
To embrace another day, another life.


4 thoughts on “Coffee Flowers

  1. Dear Minu….what a beautiful thought you have expressed in this one……For the last few days I have been thinking about coffee flowers……just saw some on my way to Thekkady………..their irresistible fragrance….oh ……no more words to express what I feel…..Good work Minu….go on and on and on………


  2. Minu your choice of words and the flow were nysely done.Keep up the outstanding effort.I am stunned.Hey Poet.. I felt a lil romance also blended!!Am I right??


  3. Thank you so much Tharuni and Karthika. You are very right- Coffee Flowers as a poem makes better sense for folks lucky enough to have experienced them 🙂 And Tharuni, romance wasn’t intended, but glad you could see more meaning in my words 🙂


  4. Minu, as usual a great one! I read your poem and realized how we should take joy in the little things of life. In this busy world, we dont relax.. The smell of brewing coffee and how the nature around us teaches to enjoy life.


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